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2.     View quarterly training opportunities.

3.     Click the training event(s) you’d like to attend and read course details (cost, credits, course description, etc.)  Make sure you read/understand all *Terms and Conditions.

4.     Create your online profile.  This is a one time transaction.

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A computer is available at the Partnership if needed for registration. We are happy to assist.

January-March 2017




Effective September 23, 2016, all child care providers under the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (The Division) who have direct responsibility for the care and oversight of children, including center administrators, and family child care home operators are required to complete new training requirements contracted with ProSolutions Training.  These FREE online training modules are NOT offered by the Beaufort/Hyde Partnership for Children (BHPC), therefore CANNOT be accessed or completed through the BHPC website. They must be accessed and completed online through the North Carolina Child Development & Early Educatio/ProSolutions Training website ONLY.  When you enroll you will be asked to provide a State Registry ID and enter your username for your NCID.

A special information meeting will be held at The Partnership on Wednesday, January 11th for all Beaufort/Hyde Early Care & Education Program Administrators (Centers & FCCHs) to share updated information and to clarify requirements/guidelines. 

Call The Partnership at 252-975-4647 ext. 10 to sign up for this important meeting.

To read more about the NEW HEATH & SAFETY TRAINING REQUIREMENTS, go to

and click on Prosolutions Training on the right of the page.

MARCH 2017


In March, BHPC will offer “HEALTH & SAFETY TRAINING SUPPORT WORKSHOPS” to help providers who may need additional help at successfully passing the online NEW MANDATORY HEALTH & SAFETY TRAININGS mandated from the state.  Support services will be provided as:  individualized technical assistance, coaching, specified “call trainings” (if feasible), observations, and computer applications.  “Call trainings” are scheduled as needed or requested. Facilities will be notified by email or postcard if a training is scheduled.  There will be a limited time to preregister.  Cost is $5 each session for 1.5 hour credits.  Must have at least 5 participants.  If our assistance is requested, please contact us to see how we can help.  BHPC cannot complete trainings for you, but will share important tips on how you can better understand training content.

CONTACT INFO:  252-975-4647 –




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