Lisa Woolard                                             
Executive Director, 252-975-4647 ext. 3

Becki Brinson
Program Evaluator / NC Pre-K, 252-975-4647 ext. 11

Jolanda Hunter
Fiscal Affairs Administrator, 252-975-4647 ext. 4

Child Care Services

Carroll Worrell-Barnes
Child Care Services Supervisor, 252-975-4647 ext. 5

Christine Somerville
Provider Consultant, 252-975-4647 ext. 9

Jessica Hunter
Resource Center Specialist, 252-975-4647 ext.0

Kristen Potter
Early Education Specialist
(Hyde Serving Ocracoke), 252-947-2350

Sherry Clark
Child Care Health Consultant, 252-975-4647 ext. 8

Family Support

Jackie Boyd
Family Support Supervisor, 252-975-4647 ext. 6

Jewell Gardner
Family Support Advocate, 252-975-4647 ext. 19

Sharon Spencer
Family Support Advocate
(Mainland Hyde County), 252-542-0610

Early Literacy and Outreach 

Kris Bowen
Early Literacy and Outreach Coordinator, 252-975-4647 ext. 7