6277787142_c0610972d7_mParenting Tips and Resources

Children don’t come with a manual. This page is designed to give parents/caregivers tips and resources related to issues surrounding children. Below you will find a unique set of resources from trusted sources:

MomsRising- MomsRising takes on the most critical
issues facing women, mothers, and families, by mobilizing massive grassroots actions.
Kid Pointz® -Parenting Tips and Free Kids Charts. All-in-one resource center with Classroom Behavior Tools, Parenting Articles and Kids Reward System.
Healthy Children.org- American Academy of Pediatricians
Immunization Schedules – Children Birth – 6

Want to know if your child is meeting the typical milestones of development? Go to www.sproutsdevelopment.com for information. You can’t do the actual screening, it is only for Tulsa County, Oklahoma residents, but there is lots of information about the 5 areas of development (communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social skills) available for everyone.

Lego Education

PNC Outdoor Tips

Cold Weather Safety

STEM for Young Children

Baby Talk

Safe Sleep

How much sleep to kids need?

Sleep Tips