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Star Recognition on FB 4 and 5 star 2017

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Safe Sleep

New Child Care Training Requirements

Special Health Care Needs Help Line

Announcement of Contracted Technical Assistant

Quality Improvement contract for Providers



The Division of Child Development and Early Education has developed a new electronic Criminal Background Check Portal. The Portal will eliminate the paper process currently used for a background check and will allow applicants to enter their personal information electronically instead of manually on the purple bubble sheet.

Applicants will access the Portal through the DCDEE website using their NID. Applicants must also have a valid email address so that the qualification letter can be sent to them electronically.

We expect all testing and piloting of the Portal to be completed this fall and implementation of the Portal in January 2018. Once the Portal is operational, we expect shorter turnaround times for the applicant to receive their qualification letter.

DCDEE will send more information about the new criminal background check process in the near future!

DCDEE encourages you to go to to get their individual NCID and to maintain a valid email address.



Play Outside NC

Why is playing outdoors so important? Children learn through play and engaging them in outdoor exploration allows them to build early math and science skills. Find out what you can do to make outdoor adventures come to life by watching the following videos.

Play Outside NC 1:

Play Outside NC 2:

Play Outside NC 3:

Play Outside NC 4: What Do You See?

Play Outside NC 5: Dancing with the Wind

Play Outside NC 6: Build a Nest

Play Outdoors and enjoy the original “play station”!

PNC Outdoor Tips